How we do it

  1. 80% of the reasons users cite for not buying products on mobile are related to poor visual user experience. Therefore we build Mobile friendly websites to avoid loss of any customers
  2. Jumia recently experienced a 75% increase in sales with just a 40% improvement in mobile friendly websites layout.
  3. 57% of mobile customers will abandon your site if they have to wait 3 seconds for a page to load.
Modern techies responsive designs

Here the layout of your page grows or shrinks based on the resolution of the screen the user has.  Images will grow and shrink to fit the space and text and other elements will flow to fit as the space either grows or shrinks.

Modern techies adaptive designs

Adaptive web design is like having two completely different web sites, one designed to fit on your phone the other designed to fit on your desktop.  Using JavaScript and other elements different version of you site are served to the user depending on what type of device they are on.

Modern techies mobile first designs

Mobile first web design is a concept that website designers will think about and design for users on iPhones and other smart phones as their primary user base. This approach is unique because the first devices used to access the Internet were desktop and laptop computers. 

Modern techies fluid-web design

So many people have higher resolution screens nowadays. That is why fluid design is very helpful. Whenever the screen size changes, elements of a fluid layout spread over the same percentage of space. Blocks of content, images and other elements are going to stretch or shrink according to the screen size.