How we do it

Firstly, we learn about your organization, goals, and audience, then secondly, perform keyword research to build a strong SEO strategy. As a result, this helps us create valuable content that aligns with search intent, while also differentiating you from your competitors.

Modern techies Search engine optimization analytics


In this section, we do extensive research on your business, competitors, and customers to develop a specific and targeted SEO strategy backed by keyword research data. Our approach not only shows us what your customers are searching for, but also reveals any existing issues that may be holding you back.

Modern Techies SEO technical programming


Technical optimization is the foundation of SEO. Therefore, if your website is not optimized for search engine marketing, even the best content may not be successful. However, our experience with technical optimization and SEO audits makes it quick and easy to identify any issues and work to resolve them.

Modern techies SEO technical analysis


Creating relevant content based on keyword and search trends is perhaps the most important step in turning leads into customers. Consequently, we have an extensive background in writing for many different industries. That is to say, we match your content with content that serves to help visitors and your SEO rankings.

Modern Techies Reporting & Monitoring​


Google is notorious for making constant search algorithm changes and updates. Therefore, we monitor this, and we create SEO strategies designed with the long game in mind. Firstly we use our tools of the trade daily to provide data on what’s working; secondly, what could use an update; and lastly what new opportunities are available to take advantage of.